Who Regulates the Sky ?

Who Controls the Airspace & what are they Regulating ?

In the last 10 years & more recently, Drones have exploded on the market & have been available to mostly every one.
Unlike with RC (Radio Controlled) Model Aircraft & Helicopters, Drones can be flown by almost any one as most are extremely high tech & take care of the intricacy of flying itself. This leaves the Pilot very little to do with the controlling of the flight, meaning that one can enjoy flying the Drone relatively hassle free.

This now means that the controlled & un-controlled air space around us has suddenly taken a massive hit from budding enthusiasts eager to get out there and enjoy this new found freedom.

Well, guess what? Also using the ‘same’ airspace are other vehicles….Yes, you got it…Passenger aircraft, both Civil & Military to name a couple. This effectively means that the airspace around us has just got more congested & more dangerous.

When you look up into the sky, what do you see? See any fences / barriers / Roads / Pavements or walkways…no? Not surprising as there aren’t any. So does this mean we are free to roam the skies with our new found joy? Absolutely……not, no way! When we are jetting off on our next trip do we want to be concerned about a drone or two in our flight path of our great passenger plane?

You may not realize it but there are roads in the sky, or best described as rectangular tunnels. These tunnels are what all of our Pilots use to transport their vehicles & cargo (us) to their destinations. These tunnels aren’t just at one height, they vary. Sure, some tunnels are, but some increase in height from one elevation to another. This is partly how the airways are controlled & kept safe.

Guess who regulates & maintains the airspace? That’s right, Our friends at Transport Canada. So, Transport Canada (TC) & our professional Pilots together work to maintain a safe sky all around us.