Drone Rules - A little History

Government of Canada.

For well over several years now, Transport Canada (TC) / NAV Canada (these are the Government of Canada Departments that regulate the use of airspace) have been inundated with the insurgence of enthusiastic Drone Pilots - both professional & personal. For those who followed the professional path (& to a degree some personal) & immersed themselves in all the learning, training & certification requirements, realized that we had to abide by the same regulations as those Pilots of the full size variety of aircraft.

Committed to being fully compliant (the only way to go!), following all the process's & procedures set in place was, & is, a huge undertaking, but absolutely vital for every ones safety. Every flight had to be logged with TC along with all the details of every aspect of the intended incursion into the sky…. Safety! Safety! Safety!

Well, sometime ago TC committed to establishing better process's to handle Drones & Drone-works. Setting about holding open meetings / consultations with the public all over Canada ( I personally attended & what a Great Job they did). The meetings were extremely informative & open. To be honest with you, considering the huge task they had & the mountain of rules & regulations to be navigated, looks like the impending rule changes scheduled for June this year are going to help tremendously in keeping the airspace safe.

So, to sum up: All the standing rules & regulations for Drones stand as at present until the new rules take effect 1st June 2019.

Congrats to all the Women & Men at TC & all the other agencies that contributed for a great job!

On January 9, 2019, TC 
published new rules for flying drones in Canada. These rules will come into effect on June 1, 2019. You can read up on the new rules but you still need to follow the current rules.